Omaha Beach, Normandy

Omaha Beach & D-Day Homage – France

Ride on Normandy landing beaches & Visit WWII’s most important battle sites

Ride overview
  • Ride on Omaha Beach & Retrace the steps of American D-Day troops

  • Visit some of WWII’s most important battle sites

  • Pay Tribute to the thousands of fallen soldiers at the American or British Cemetery
  • Optional : Night in a Luxury Château in Normandy


Tailor-made journeys are available for private groups (>2 people) from April to October. Our partnerships with luxury estates and châteaux, along with trusted touring partners, grant us exclusive access to first-class accomodations and activities to craft the journey of your dreams. Tell us about it, and we will turn it into a reality : Inquire for a Tailor-Made Journey.


Our driver and guide will be picking you up to your hotel in/near Paris, and take you to the Normandy beaches, where your accommodation or horses await you. The driving time is approximately 3h, depending on traffic.


The Tailor-Made journeys are crafted to accommodate all riding levels: From first-timers, and beginners to experienced riders.


You will be spend between 1 to 2 hours in the saddle in the morning, before visiting D-Day sites. 

Set out on a heartfelt journey from Paris to Normandy, where you’ll have the unique opportunity to ride on landing beaches while paying tribute and gaining insight into a pivotal chapter of history. 

As a beginner or experienced rider, you will get to ride along the historic Omaha Beach, where thousands of Allied troops embarked on the monumental D-Day invasion. After enjoying a traditional seafood lunch by the sea, our knowledgeable guide will lead you through the most significant WWII battle sites, enriching your understanding of the events that unfolded on these beaches. 

Alongside this immersive historical exploration, you’ll have the opportunity to pay tribute to the valiant soldiers at either the American or British Cemetery, and visit dedicated Museum Memorials, offering a moment to honor the courage and sacrifice of the fallen soldiers. 

Available as a day trip or a weekend getaway, this experience offers a unique and respectful way to experience and honor the profound legacy of Normandy’s beaches in World War II.


Our carefully-curated accommodations are more than just places to rest; they have been selected for their elegance, comfort and conviviality.

Surrounded by verdant forest massifs, each accommodation  offers a different, equally enchanting charm, inviting you to experience the comfort of Normandy Heritage. Behind their ancient walls, you will find the seamless fusion of tradition and modernity – a delicate dance where antique tapestries meet contemporary comforts.

With tastefully designed rooms, and gastronomic restaurants, the Châteaux Hotels subtly blend luxury, historical richness, and artistic heritage for your nights to be as enchanting as your days.

The schedule - sample itinerary


☼ A.M or ☽ P.M – Our driver will pick you up to your location in/near Paris and take you to your accommodation for the next 2 nights, located near the coast of Normandy – 3 hours drive.

☽ P.M – Upon settling in your accommodation, we invite you to visit the first museum built to commemorate June 6, 2944 and the battle of Normandy. The Arromanches Museum is located on the coast, giving a direct view over the two artificial harbors used in Operation Overlord. Then, savor diner in a gastronomic seafood restaurant by the coast.

☽ Night at Luxury Château Hotel of your choice


☼ A.M – Upon savoring breakfast from the delicious buffet of the Hotel, meet your horses and ride on the landing beaches of Normandy – 2 hours riding. Enjoy fresh seafood lunch and regional wines with a sea view.

☽ P.M – A bilingual historian guide will be waiting for you to guide you through the most significant WWII battle sites, enriching your understanding of the events that unfolded on these beaches. Depending on your preferences, you will be able to visit the Normandy American or British Cemetery.

Transfer by car back to Paris – 3 hours drive. 

☽ Option : Additional Night at Luxury Château Hotel of your choice


Normandy, situated in northern France, was crucial during World War II, especially for the D-Day invasions on June 6, 1944. This monumental operation, known as Operation Overlord, involved a massive Allied force comprising American, British, Canadian, and other Allied troops. Their mission was to breach Nazi defenses and establish a strong foothold in Europe, initiating a decisive turn in the war.

The Allied forces faced formidable German fortifications along five designated beaches—Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno, and Sword. Despite fierce resistance and heavy losses, especially at Omaha Beach, the Allies successfully secured all five beachheads. This victory was bolstered by strategic deception plans that misled the Germans about the invasion’s timing and location.

Today, the Normandy beaches are marked by memorials and museums honoring the sacrifices of those who fought there, reminding visitors of the operation’s scale and the critical role these troops played in the end of WWII.

On our Normandy journeys, you’ll have the unique opportunity to ride on the landing beaches while paying tribute and gaining insight into a pivotal chapter of history.


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