Randonnée à cheval à Versailles : La 1e excursion privée tout compris au départ de Paris

Horse-riding in Versailles : An All-Inclusive Private Day Trip from Paris

Randonnée à cheval à Versailles, une excursion privée et tout compris au départ de Paris
Just half an hour away from Paris, step back in time and experience the essence of a bygone era in the presence of unmatched luxury in Versailles, where horse riding takes center space. 

Upon arriving at the royal gardens and mounting your horse, with the reins in your hands and the wind in your hair, you will be instantly transported back through time, where the grandeur of Versailles comes alive with each stride. 

We might think horse riding in Versailles is just a leisurely activity, but it is much more than that: It is a window into history, and an opportunity to discover its magnificent manicured gardens, and the secrets that long lie within the walls of the iconic Palace of Versailles.

Get ready to experience the royal splendor like never before, as, Like the Kings and Queens, you will trot along hunting lanes of the 2000-acre Gardens of Versailles embracing the elegance that only Versailles can offer.


A private horse-riding, gastronomic and cultural journey from Paris : How the day unfolds

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The Palace & Gardens of Versailles on Horseback – An exclusive Day Trip from Paris


Tailored to suit both first-timers, beginners, and experienced riders, our All-Inclusive Day Trip from Paris promises an immersive blend of horse riding, gastronomy, and cultural discovery.

The day unfolds seamlessly under the attentive guidance of our expert tour leader, leaving you free to enjoy every moment without a worry in sight :

Excursion d'une journée depuis Paris


From Paris to Versailles – Your adventure begins: Your day begins at 9 a.m. with a personalized pick-up from your hotel’s reception by your knowledgeable guide and driver, whisking you away on a 30-minute drive to Versailles.



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Morning Ride in the Royal Gardens: Upon arrival at the entrance of the Versailles Gardens, you’ll be greeted by your guide and introduced to your horse, carefully selected based on your riding level. Once saddled up, embark on a two-hour ride, by trotting through the verdant alleys, cantering up until the tranquil waters of the Grand Canal, offering breathtaking views of the Palace of Versailles.



ducasse gastronomie versaillesExperience Exquisite Cuisine: Lunch at Alain Ducasse’s Restaurant: Following your morning ride through Versailles’ gardens, step into a culinary journey fit for royalty at Chef Alain Ducasse’s esteemed restaurant. With over 20 Michelin stars and an ambiance reminiscent of bygone eras, indulge in a seven-course meal, expertly paired with fine wines and champagne, all while overlooking the palace’s majestic courtyards. At Les Airelles, Ducasse wanted « guests to dine as in the time of the King » and offer the very finest of « French cuisine, with a contemporary touch, but whose inspiration draws from the food served at the time ».

La galerie des glaces du château de Versailles

Guided visit of the Palace of Versailles: After a delightful lunch, join your expert historian guide will lead you on a captivating 90-minute private tour of the Palace of Versailles. While strolling through its Grand Trianon or the Hall of Mirrors, allow yourself to be transported to a world of mystery and grandeur. With each step, your guide will unveil the secrets and stories behind this iconic masterpiece, revealing the captivating tales of French aristocracy, where legendary figures like Louis XIV, the “Sun King,” and Marie-Antoinette, who once walked amidst the majestic corridors of Versailles.



Les jardins du château de Versailles


From Paris to Versailles: Your journey ends around 4 p.m, with a comfortable ride back to your hotel along with your guide and chauffeur.



If you are seeking more information about our Day Trip to Versailles The Palace & Gardens of Versailles on Horseback, feel free to reach out through our Contact Form, and we will be happy to help you organize the horse riding Day Trip of your dreams.

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Horse-riding in Versailles : A History of Culture and Tradition

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In Versailles, horse riding represents much more than sports. It is actually difficult to mention the Palace of Versailles without referring to its royal horses and the wide variety of purposes they served.

For centuries, horse-riding played a significant role in shaping the culture and grandeur of Versailles. From the Bourbon Dynasty to Louis XVI, it is little to say that French sovereigns were fond of horse-riding, and especially, hunting. But the royalty’s passion for horse riding, was also widely shared by the ladies at Court, and especially Marie-Antoinette, a very keen horsewoman, who revolutionized horse riding for women by sitting astride the horse, which was at the time considered « masculine-style ». The Swiss artist Louis-Auguste Brun illustrated the young queen in this nonconformist position for women in his 1783 oil painting.

By 1787, the Great and Small Stables of Versailles counted a total of 2208 horses. As writer Félibien mentions in his Description sommaire of Versailles “in the stables at Versailles alone, you see what you could not hope to see anywhere else except on long journeys, an admirable and elite collection of horses”.

Representing a symbol of power and wealth, the majestic horses that once graced the royal stables also served as practical purposes within the Palace grounds. And they were not confined to the sovereign family, but also courtiers and visitors would enjoy a ride with the royal horses. They were actually an essential part of festivities and contributed to the manifestation of the monarch’s power.

According to palace officials, “In political terms, the King had to distinguish himself through his excellent horsemanship, which was a symbol of his ability to govern well.” You have understood well, the historical significance of equestrian activities and horse riding in Versailles goes beyond mere aesthetics. As it was an integral part of court etiquette and the social hierarchy, the ability to ride and control a horse with grace and finesse was considered a mark of distinction and a crucial skill for those seeking to belong to the elite circles of society.

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But horse riding also played a vital role in military training and warfare. The cavalry, with its skilled riders and powerful horses, was a formidable force on the battlefield. Versailles, being the center of political power and the residence of the French monarch, had its own elite cavalry unit known as the ‘Mousquetaires du Roi’ or the King’s Musketeers. These highly trained horsemen weren’t only responsible for the king’s personal security but also represented the epitome of nobility and chivalry.

In understanding the profound historical significance of horse riding in Versailles, one cannot help but feel drawn to the idea of experiencing these traditions firsthand, reminiscent of the grandeur and elegance of times past. From the fondness of French sovereigns like Louis XVI for horse-riding, to the revolutionary spirit of figures like Marie-Antoinette, who defied societal norms, Versailles embodies an aura of mystique and enchantment, inviting curious minds to step back in time and walk (or rather canter) in the footsteps (strides) of Kings and Queens.

Randonnée à cheval à Versailles : Une journée d'excursion tout compris au départ de Paris

As you embark on our exclusive Day Trip to Versailles, you’ll have the opportunity to immerse yourself in this storied past and perhaps even indulge in the fantasy of acting as kings and queens once did. 

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