Torres del Paine, Chile

Torres del Paine, a Patagonia Expedition

Journey through World's eighth wonder & Ride by Gaucho Tradition

Ride overview
  • Ride through the World’s eighth wonder landscapes : Torres del Paine National Park
  • Guided by gaucho Osvaldo, taste to the authentic and  traditional Chilean Patagonia way of life
  • Embark on a boat expedition to one of Patagonia’s four colossal Glacier
  • Enjoy breathtaking night skys by Glamping in luxury domes 



  • 9 To 15th of October
  • 2nd to 8th of November
  • 13th to 19th of November
  • 23rd to 29th of December
  • 21st to 27th of January 2025


  • 3-Day stay at the Estancia – 2500$/person
  • 7-Day Expedition – 5700$/person
  • 7-Day Comfort Expedition – 7500$/person


Upon your flight to Puerto Natales, Chile, our driver will be picking you up for a 130km transfer to the riding Estancia, where your accommodation awaits you.


During the Torres del Paine Expedition, the daily distance covered averages between 30 to 40 kilometers, and you will be spending 6 to 9 hours in the saddle per day. This is why we accommodate fit riders, with previous horseback riding experience – comfortable riding at a trot and canter for extended periods.

Discover the unparalleled beauty and authentic gaucho lifestyle of Chilean Patagonia on horseback, journeying through the spectacular landscapes of Torres del Paine National Park. This adventure will take you across breathtaking iconic peaks and serene turquoise lakes on horseback, and alongside the mighty Patagonian glaciers by boat. While by night, you’ll be marveling at the stunning night skies from the comfort of our luxurious glamping domes.

Guided by gaucho Osvaldo and accompanied by Chilean chefs, you’ll delve into the rich culture of this unique region while savoring the finest Patagonian cuisine and wines. 

This expedition perfectly balances the thrill of exploration with cultural immersion and comfort, making it the ideal getaway for those seeking adventure and a deep connection with nature without compromising on comfort.

A once-in-a-lifetime expedition, where authenticity, adventure, and culture seamlessly blend to create a truly memorable experience. 



☼ A.M – Upon arriving from your flight to Puerto Natales, our driver will take you to Baguales Glamping, your dome accommodations for the next two nights. Reaching the beginning of your journey, you’ll be ready to immerse yourselves in the rugged beauty of Patagonia. 

☽ P.M : A warm and gracious welcome awaits you, featuring a dinner prepared by a Chilean chef, complemented by fine regional wines, all served by the comforting glow of a fireplace.

☽ Night at Baguales Glamping domes


☼ A.M – Upon savoring breakfast with a view over the majestic peaks, meet with the herd of horses, and your new companion for the Expedition. This first day will be a round ride itinerary, to help you acclimate to the area, ensuring a smooth and enjoyable expedition. Ride through picturesque rolling hills covered in lush green grass, until reaching our destination – an old Puesto, where we’ll enjoy lunch. 

☽ P.M – After lunch, we’ll ride to the Estancia for evening time and dinner.

☽ Night at Baguales Glamping domes


☼ A.M – After enjoying a hearty breakfast, we’ll set off on an epic journey to the awe-inspiring Tetas Las Chinas. As we ride, signs of civilization will fade away, unveiling the untouched nature of Sierra Baguales and Patagonia in all its glory.Prepare to encounter a fascinating array of wildlife, from curious foxes and graceful guanacos to majestic condors, busy beavers, and a wonderful variety of bird species. If luck is on our side, we might even spot the elusive pumas later in our Expedition!

☽ P.M – The trail will lead us downhill, offering stunning views of the renowned Torres del Paine Blue Towers) on the horizon. The excitement doesn’t end there, as we’ll eventually arrive at our cozy Estancia. Here, we’ll spend the night, sharing stories of our thrilling day amidst the breathtaking landscapes of Patagonia.

☽ Night at Private Estancia Las Chinas

To Laguna Azul

☼ A.M -Upon breakfast, get ready for an exciting full-day horseback ride to Laguna Azul, a picturesque and remote area of Torres del Paine, offering the best views over its iconic peaks. Its difficult access by foot or car makes it a natural untouched wonder, where we might even catch sight of native wild horses while savoring our tasty lunches.

☽ P.M – As the sun sets, we’ll enjoy a traditional Patagonian meal: Asado de cordero, where lamb is barbecued over an open fire for four hours, paired with the famous typical drink, “pisco sour” –  a must-try for the taste buds. Your accommodation for tonight offers an unforgettable experience, where you will be surrounded by nature under a starry Patagonian sky – afar from any civilization.

☽ Night at Lodge

Into Torres del Paine

☼ A.M – Today’s the big day : We’ll be entering into the magnificent Torres del Paine National Park. Prepare for an exhilarating 9-hour horseback ride, covering approximately 50 kilometers of pure adventure. We’ll journey from Laguna Azul to Rio Serrano, taking in the stunning sights along the way—crystal-clear lagoons nestled amidst lush forests, majestic mountains, and views of glaciers.

☽ P.M –  Upon lunch, we’ll continue to marvel at the natural beauty of one of Patagonia’s most beautiful national parks. It is also the day we say goodbye to our trusty horses at the paddock, and transfer to Pampa Lodge, where we’ll spend the next two nights. To end the day, we’ll take a short 15-minute walk to a charming dining spot for a delightful typical meal.

☽ Night at Lodge


☼ A.M – Upon breakfast, we’ll ride from Rio Serrano to Lago Grey, a journey of about four hours. After unsaddling, we’ll have to say goodbye to our brave horses.

Next, we’ll have the chance to take a three-hour boat trip to Grey Glacier, where we’ll admire the glacier from the Southern Patagonia ice field and enjoy some calafate or pisco sour.

The location for our lunch break will depend on our arrival time. We’ll also enjoy a scenic 45-minute hike to reach the boat. Afterward, we’ll transfer back to Pampa Lodge for the last night of our trip.

☽ P.M –  Upon lunch, we’ll continue to marvel at the natural beauty of one of Patagonia’s most beautiful national parks. It is also the day we say goodbye to our trusty horses at the paddock, and transfer to Pampa Lodge, where we’ll spend the next two nights. To end the day, we’ll take a short 15-minute walk to a charming dining spot for a delightful typical meal.

☽ Night at Lodge

Activities around


Our meticulously chosen accommodations are more than just places to rest; they are gateways to the untamed beauty of Patagonia, each offering a unique experience amid the grandeur of Torres del Paine. On the 7-Day Comfort Expedition, you will be staying in three different accommodations :

The Baguales Glamping Domes: Perched on the edge of the wilderness, these domes provide an immersive experience in the raw beauty of Patagonia. Go to bed with stunning view over the night sky and wake up to panoramic views of the Torres del Paine peaks, bathed in the golden light of dawn.

Pampa Lodge: Nestled in the vast pampas, this lodge offers rustic charm and cozy interiors. Large windows frame breathtaking vistas, allowing you to soak in the grandeur from the comfort of your room.

Estancia Las Chinas: A historical gem with traditional architecture, this estancia embodies the spirit of Patagonian Estancias. Enjoy modern comfort against the backdrop of majestic peaks.

Each accommodation seamlessly blends the raw elegance of Patagonia with authentic hospitality, offering tastefully designed rooms and most importantly, unparalleled views.


Nestled in the heart of Chilean Patagonia, Torres del Paine National Park is a breathtaking destination renowned for its towering mountains, pristine glaciers, and vibrant turquoise lakes.

This UNESCO Biosphere Reserve spans an impressive 2,400 square km and offers an unspoiled natural wonderland for adventure seekers and nature hedonists. Home to four colossal glaciers—Grey, Pingo, French, and Dickson—the park’s cinematic scenery has earned it the title of the eighth wonder of the world.

Our Torres del Paine horse-riding expedition is a unique and thrilling way to discover the heart of Patagonia. With a gaucho as your guide on this journey, you’ll immerse yourself in the authentic and rich culture of Chilean Patagonia. While cantering through extensive pampas, you’ll enjoy breathtaking views over iconic peaks, mirror-glass lagoons and mighty glaciers, while forging a deep connection to the land of the gauchos and its rich heritage.


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